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Tax Compliance Group

The Tax Compliance Group is a Tax Accounting firm devoted exclusively to representing law firm clients of the Tax Workout Group with respect to tax compliance and reporting matters.

With the constant change in tax laws and accounting standards, it can be difficult to stay ahead of your tax filing and compliance obligations. In addition, because of the uncertainties associated with the interpretation of tax laws and related court cases, tax disputes often arise.

The Tax Compliance Group consists of tax specialists, certified public accountants, and expert tax accountants who operate alongside and have immediate access to the Tax Workout Group team of high caliper tax attorneys from the Department of Justice, Tax Division, United States Attorney’s Office, and the IRS Office of Chief Counsel. Thus, as a firm, we can offer support and advice to our clients at every stage of the tax compliance cycle.

Our team of tax professionals have a proven track record of delivering effective solutions in the most cost-effective manner. By employing tax-efficient methods and structures, we aim for the avoidance or minimization of tax striving for maximum wealth preservation - and always mindful of ways to eliminate risk.

Our professionals can oversee the use of software and regulatory reporting solutions to ensure streamlined efficiencies for payroll withholding and reporting. Similarly, we are experts at implementing managed services and solutions for Affordable care Act reporting and compliance to eliminate substantial penalty exposure risk for non-compliance.

Quite simply, we remove the burden of tax regulatory compliance. Our team will quickly assess your business reporting and regulatory requirements and then implement protocols and redundancy checks to ensure adherence to established systems.

Most businesses often have more than just income tax compliance requirements. Now, more than ever, they also have multiple complex state and international reporting obligations to be concerned about. Let us relieve you of this burden and make things simpler!

Our Tax Compliance Group team is dedicated to delivering expert tax compliance, tax reporting, tax accounting and tax consulting and tax advisory services along with dedicated bookkeeping support.

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Tax Return Preparation Services

Our Tax Compliance Group provides a wide array of tax reporting services for both entity and individual tax clients. In addition to our extensive tax return reporting and preparation experience, we are highly skilled with all the latest tax preparation software platforms.

Our Tax Compliance Tax Return Preparation Services typically include the preparation of the following:

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  • Individual (Form 1040) and state and local tax returns
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  • Entity Regular Corporation (Form 1120), Subchapter S Corporation (Form 1120-S), Foreign Corporation (1120-F) and Partnership and Limited Liability Company (Form 1065) tax returns.
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  • Consolidated Corporate Tax Returns
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  • State and Local Tax Returns (stand-alone of combined reporting)
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  • Tax-Exempt Entities and Private Foundations
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  • Trust, Estate and Gift Tax Returns
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  • Foreign Information Returns (Forms 926, 3520,3520-A, 5471 and TD F 90-22.1
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  • Foreign US Source Income Tax Returns (Form 1040NR, 1042, 8804, 8805) and treaty review counseling and advice.

Other Tax Services

We offer a full range of value-added and cost effective tax compliance advisory and consulting services as part of our monthly tax accounting engagements.

We offer Tax Controversy services focused on representing tax clients in all proceedings before the Examination, Appeals and Collection Divisions of the IRS and the state tax agencies navigating all administrative channels to produce exceptional results.

Our tax transaction advisory services, starting with pre-transaction structuring and due diligence support and oversight, to post closing consultancy services offer a highly collaborative approach to our business clients.

Finally, we are experts at taking advantage of a wide range of tax credits and other incentives available to our clients at both the federal and state level. Some of these credits include capital investment credits and incentives, employment credits and incentives, research and development innovation credits and incentives and sales and manufacturing credits and incentives.


What Sets Us Apart?

Our Tax Compliance Group operates as a virtual practice model, offering our clients a positive remote experience that reduces the need for tedious face-to-face meetings and the shuffling of paperwork.

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