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We craft innovative and tailored solutions with one goal in mind – the resolution of tax claims in bankruptcy.

Our Tax Bankruptcy Group focuses on representing clients in “tax-motivated” bankruptcy filings. A “tax motivated” bankruptcy filing is one where ​a principal claim in the case includes a substantial tax debt along with related interest and penalties. The tax debt can be any type of tax - income, sales, payroll, employment, or excise taxes. Our Tax Bankruptcy attorneys analyze every tax claim and examine its attributes to strategically eliminate or reduce them along with all other debt.

Our client’s hire us to ensure that they eliminate or otherwise reduce their tax claims to the greatest extent possible.

We Do What Matters Most

Focus on eliminating tax debt in bankruptcy – plain and simple. When it comes to eliminating tax claims in bankruptcy, there are complex statutory hurdles and judicial rules to navigate. We live and breathe tax-bankruptcy law and strategically plan each bankruptcy case to effectively resolve the tax debt. While most other bankruptcy law firms focus on bankruptcy and deal with the tax claims as an after-thought, we don’t.

Our Tax Dischargeability Analysis is the cornerstone of each bankruptcy filing and essential for the proper treatment of the tax claims in order to file the best type of bankruptcy at the most advantageous time.

Let us help you receive a real fresh start, one free from the claims of all your creditors – including the taxing agencies.

Comprehensive Tax Dischargeability Analysis

Our tax-bankruptcy attorneys are experts in IRS practice and procedure and the interrelationship between federal and state tax laws and the US Bankruptcy Code. In each case, our Tax Dischargeability Analysts perform a comprehensive Tax Dischargeability Analysis where we review and analyze each tax claim and all events related to that tax claim. This allows us to achieve the best possible result by filing the most appropriate type of bankruptcy at the optimal time in an effort to eliminate all tax claims, penalties, and interest, along with all other dischargeable debt.

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Buyer Beware – Don’t Get Ripped Off By Tax Relief Firms

An Offer-In-Compromise, which most tax firms tout as the best solution to resolve tax claims (with false promises of success), does nothing to address the host of other debt which typically plague someone looking for a fresh start.

There are many tax firms that claim they offer the best solution for resolving your tax debt – typically with an Offer-In-Compromise. Realize that an Offer-In-Compromise provides a road map to your assets, has a low acceptance rate, and acts as a “tolling event,” substantially delaying the period before which you can eliminate your tax claims in the most cost-effective manner. Watch this ABC News video warning about the dangers that come with choosing the wrong tax-relief company.

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File the most appropriate type of bankruptcy case at the optimal time

Most bankruptcy attorneys are ill-equipped to advise and represent clients in tax-motivated bankruptcy cases. Obtaining relief of tax debt can be one of the most daunting and complex areas of the law, often requiring a deep understanding of the Bankruptcy Code and the Internal Revenue Code (or state tax codes) and the interrelationship of each. However, a properly timed bankruptcy under the appropriate chapter of the Bankruptcy Code can eliminate or reduce most tax debt.

When it comes to filing a tax-motivated bankruptcy case, “timing is everything.” So often, we see instances where the bankruptcy case was filed months, weeks or even days prematurely, and consequently, the client later discovers that they still owe substantial tax debt which could have been eliminated had they timed the bankruptcy case filing correctly. That won’t happen with us.

In fact, until you decide whether to file bankruptcy, our tax attorneys will represent you before the taxing agencies and in all matters involving your other creditors – even if our representation becomes necessary just to delay the bankruptcy filing in order to achieve a greater discharge to include all of your debt – including your tax claims. In fact, at the conclusion of your bankruptcy case, we will confirm that the IRS has abated your tax claims in accordance with the bankruptcy discharge order and even negotiate for the release of any tax liens which may have been filed before the bankruptcy case was initiated.

Streamlined Bankruptcy Case Preparation Procedures

When it comes time to prepare the bankruptcy case filing, we employ the best industry rated court compliant bankruptcy software which allows us to effectively manage your case from preparation through post-petition activities. Instead of mailing a complicated bankruptcy questionnaire to complete, we simply invite the client to access our online Bankruptcy Portal which is easy to follow and accessible to our law firm team members so that they can remotely assist with any questions the client has while providing the requested information – available in English or Spanish.

A tax-motivated bankruptcy case is an effective weapon not only for eliminating IRS tax debt, but it can likewise discharge state tax debt , medical bills, credit card bills, and most other debt.


We are expert Tax-Bankruptcy attorneys – let our team of professionals resolve your tax claims and show you the difference that comes with working with our Tax Bankruptcy Group.

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