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Who We Are

Full-Scale Virtual Tax Law Firm

Tax Workout Group is a tax law firm comprised of two main practice groups - Tax Controversy Group and Tax Bankruptcy Group. These two practice groups include IRS tax and bankruptcy attorneys, IRS tax auditors, IRS collection division personnel, Certified Public Accountants, and experienced paralegals and administrative support staff. For each engagement, we assign a highly qualified team of professionals headed by a tax attorney, so that every client receives extraordinary senior-level attention throughout the handling of their case.

We have redefined the way in which quality tax-related legal services are provided by employing technology to promote deep and meaningful collaboration among our team members and the client. In addition, our innovative practice model is optimized with efficient workflows developed to produce excellent results in accordance with the highest professional standards.

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Tax Workout Group Virtual Tax Law Firm

Why Use Us

We Are Expert Tax and Bankruptcy Attorneys

Don’t be forced to select your representative based on your location. Since we are a virtual law firm, you can hire expert Tax Controversy and Tax Bankruptcy attorneys no matter where you reside.

Virtual nature of our practice: by reducing excess high rent office space and eliminating wasteful commute time (and traffic) to and from the office, combined with enhanced technology, customized internal workflow software, and proprietary analytical and time management processes, we are able to significantly reduce client fees and costs.

We realize that your case can be the most important and stressful event in your life and that you are placing your faith and trust in our firm. Although we can assure you that we are on top of your matter, we recognize that by providing you with immediate access to your case at any time, and sending you regular case updates through our Client Portal, you will quickly discover that we not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

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Tax Workout Group Reviewing Client Bankruptcy Documents

How We Can Help

Tax Bankruptcy Group

The Tax Bankruptcy Group focuses on representing clients in “tax-motivated” bankruptcy filings. A “tax motivated” bankruptcy filing is one where ​a principal claim in the case includes a substantial tax debt along with related interest and penalties. The tax debt can be any type of tax - income, sales, payroll, employment, or excise taxes. Our client’s hire us to ensure that they eliminate or otherwise reduce their tax claims to the greatest extent possible. Our tax-bankruptcy attorneys are experts in IRS practice and procedure and the interrelationship between federal and state tax laws and the US Bankruptcy Code. In each case, our firm performs a comprehensive Tax Dischargeability Analysis (TDA) where we review each tax claim and all events related to that tax claim. This allows us to achieve the best possible result by filing the most appropriate type of bankruptcy at the optimal time in an effort to eliminate all tax claims, penalties, and interest, along with all other dischargeable debt. If we recommend a delay in the bankruptcy filing to achieve a greater discharge of your tax claims, then we will represent you before the taxing agencies and in all matters involving your other creditors

For Tax Bankruptcy cases, when it comes time to prepare the bankruptcy filing, instead of mailing a complicated bankruptcy questionnaire to complete, we simply invite the client to access our online Bankruptcy Portal which is easy to follow and accessible to our law firm team members so that they can remotely assist with any questions the client has while providing the requested information – available in English or Spanish.

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How We Can Help

Tax Controversy Group

The Tax Controversy Group focuses on resolving tax disputes involving the Internal Revenue Service and state taxing agencies, either administratively, or as a federal or state civil tax litigation matter. These tax disputes may involve an individual, business (whether for-profit or not-for-profit), trust, or estate and can relate to any form of taxation - income tax, employment tax, sales or use tax, excise taxes, and property taxes. We specialize in providing expertise regarding substantive tax laws, dealing with Revenue Agents, formulating audit defense strategies, and pursuing administrative appeals.

Although litigation is usually the last option, if necessary, we can provide skillful representation in all court proceedings. If unable to dispute the tax claim(s), we aggressively represent our clients before the collection division of the taxing agency to negotiate and compromise the tax claims, reduce penalties, or arrange for a payment plan.

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Working With A Virtual Law Firm

Benefits of Tax Workout Group

Our virtual environment offers our clients a positive remote experience by effectively reducing the need for face-to-face meetings, handwritten signatures and the shuffling of paperwork and documents. By combining various technological advancements, we can ensure that all client and professional staff assignments and information/document requests are completed in a timely, efficient, and effective manner.

Our virtual law firm features include:

Tax Bankruptcy Portal

Tax Bankruptcy Portal

Video Conferencing Meetings

Video Conferencing Meetings

Electronic Court Filings

Electronic Court Filings

Electronic or Credit Card Bill Pay

Electronic or Credit Card Bill Pay

Digital Document Signing

Digital Document Signing

Task Management

Task Management



Document Management

Document Management

In addition, we employ a robust Client Portal platform providing the client access to everything on demand and centrally located through two separate client access tools— Client Mobile Device Communicator and Client Connect Desktop Portal


Client Mobile Device Communicator

Developed for a great client experience - accessible via a mobile device (or web browser). This is a robust client-attorney communication tool that enables our clients to work with us from anywhere.

Tax Workout Group Communication displayed on Laptop and mobile phone

Accessible from anywhere

Our clients can communicate with us and receive case status updates from any device.

Easy, secure login

As a new TWG client, you will receive a signup link in an email from us. Thereafter, our clients can access the portal securely using Face, Touch or Fingerprint ID with their mobile device.

Mobile document scanning and uploading

Scanned documents are automatically converted to a PDF and cropped and adjusted for clarity and then uploaded from the mobile device camera roll, mail, Dropbox or any other application.

Make The Most of Everyone’s Time

Review communications and documents online so you don’t have to take time off from work to meet with us.

Communicate And Send Documents Efficiently

Our clients can securely send messages, attachments and documents to us which are automatically saved to their case files easily accessible through the Client Portal.

Eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth communications

Our clients can access case communications and documents anytime, review pending client requests and calendared events with automated reminders thereby saving time and preserving resources.

Reviewing Documents on Mobile Device

Stay Connected To Us

Our Client Portal makes it easy for our clients to stay connected to their legal team and remain informed of the progress of their case.

Mobile Device Accessing the Online Portal for Tax Workout Group

We deliver a better experience for our clients

We update our clients regarding the status of their case in real time by centralizing case updates.

Built In Mobile Scanner

Our clients can send us files using our mobile app’s built-in document scanner or upload images from their mobile device camera roll – eliminating the need for home printers and scanners.


Client Connect Desktop Portal

Client Connect Desktop Portal is a more comprehensive client platform which is accessible via web browser only.

Tax Workout Group Online Portal Displayed on Laptop

Using the Client Connect Desktop Portal tool will provide access to a secure web-based portal where you can review case details, upload and download documents and send and receive secure messages. You can also review any upcoming or overdue tasks or requests assigned to you, upcoming calendar events or court hearings, and review copies of billing statements.