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When it comes to your freedom, winning isn’t everything – it’s the only thing.

Hiring the right criminal tax attorney can make the difference between defeat and victory. A criminal attorney that practices in federal court is not enough because most criminal lawyers are not well versed in the income tax laws and the complicated rules that are contained in the Internal Revenue Code and the related Treasury Regulations. Our criminal tax defense lawyers possess a combination of extensive knowledge of the tax laws and experience conducting criminal tax case jury trials. We are the firm that Florida CPAs and Attorneys look to when their clients are facing criminal tax exposure.

We are the premiere high-stakes white collar criminal tax defense firm in Florida.

Our lead criminal tax defense attorney is a former Department of Justice, Tax Division Trial Attorney and an Assistant United States Attorney who prosecuted and later defended numerous criminal cases throughout the United States. In addition, for five years, he served as the lead Asset Forfeiture attorney for the Orlando office of the United States Attorney. When your case affects your freedom, life-time achievements, and reputation, you need an experienced attorney. Being defended by a former Federal government prosecutor ensures that you have the best experience, training, and resources on your side. Our criminal tax defense team has had great success representing clients at every stage of the criminal tax process, including administrative investigations conducted by the IRS Criminal Investigation Division, a joint IRS-DOJ grand jury investigation, or an indictment and/or prosecution by the U.S. Attorneys Office. Each of our criminal tax attorneys possesses an LLM in taxation and/or are CPAs.

As the story goes, Al Capone was sitting in the U.S. District Court building in Chicago when he heard the Clerk of the Court call his case, “United States of America versus Alphonse Capone.” He quickly turned to his attorneys and said, “What kinda odds are those?” When confronted with the power of the government, this becomes the feeling of every criminal defendant – let us represent you and level the playing field.

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Our history of success is built upon a foundation of intense and thorough preparation, careful review and analysis of the facts in each case, and then skillful execution at every stage of the criminal case – from investigation to defense of the matter at trial on the merits, if necessary.

Our firm’s white collar criminal tax defense firm focuses on civil and criminal tax matters, tax controversy matters and asset forfeiture matters, which often occur together.

While the law permits tax avoidance, it severely condemns tax evasion. Oftentimes, the courts have erroneously treated these two concepts similarly. In fact, certain tax Code sections even reveal an inability to separate the two. We are skillful advocates at further clouding the thin line that often differentiates the two.

The Federal government has created a comprehensive statutory framework of criminal and civil penalties aimed at prohibiting and punishing anyone engaging in tax fraud to deter noncompliance with the filing and payment provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. Because criminal and civil sanctions for tax fraud are not mutually exclusive, oftentimes exposure to one could trigger the other. In fact, it is virtually inevitable that the IRS will pursue the civil fraud penalty (75% of the tax deficiency attributable to fraud) against a taxpayer who has been convicted of a felony tax charge. The Tax Attorneys at Tax Workout Group are well-equipped to defend against both phases – the criminal phase and the civil tax fraud phase.

We provide expert criminal tax defense representation against all offenses under the Internal Revenue Code and the Criminal Code.

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