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Are You Overwhelmed With Tax Debt? Look No Further, We Are A Full-Scale Tax Bankruptcy Law Firm With Expert Tax Bankruptcy Attorneys Who Will Level The Playing Field. We Specialize In Tax Motivated Bankruptcy Cases. Regain Control Of Your Life By Allowing Us To Craft An Innovative And Tailored Solution To Fully Resolve Your Tax Claim(s) In The Most Cost-Effective Manner Possible.

When filing a tax-motivated bankruptcy case, “timing is everything.” So often, we see instances where the bankruptcy case was filed months, weeks, or even days prematurely. Consequently, the client later discovers that they still owe substantial tax debt, which could have been eliminated had they timed the bankruptcy case filing correctly. That won’t happen with us.

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We offer a FREE Tax Case Evaluation during which we will gather facts, answer your questions and confirm that we can resolve your tax issues.


Our tax bankruptcy practice group consists of tax bankruptcy attorneys, former taxing agency personnel, tactically trained Certified Public Accountants and IRS Enrolled Agents, veteran bankruptcy paralegals, and an extensive team of tax and bankruptcy operations specialists and administrative support staff.

Caring & Compassionate (truly)

We understand the complications crippling tax debt can bring to individuals and their families. We guide you through the entire process. 

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5/5 Star Rating on Google, and 5-star superb rating on the respected legal website Avvo. See some of our client reviews below. 

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We pride ourselves on being responsive and regularly communicating with our clients. We never let your questions or concerns go unaddressed.

Straight Shooters

Your situation requires honesty from both of us. We’ll tell you what you need to know and how we are going to do it. Our approach focuses on efficiency and speed to resolve cases as quickly and cost-effective as possible to get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

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We are Not the typical “Tax Resolution Firm”

Most other tax firms are part of a “cottage industry” of tax relief agencies whose primarily offering is an “Offer-in-Compromise.” This “administrative option takes forever to get processed, usually has a low acceptance rate, provides the government with a “road map” to your assets  and acts as a “tolling event,” substantially delaying the period before you can eliminate your tax claims in bankruptcy. We are different. We don’t offer you limited administrative options – we present the full spectrum of solutions – we fight for a real fresh start, one that addresses all of your debt.

Working With A Virtual Tax Bankruptcy Law Firm

Virtual Tax Firm
Don’t be forced to select your representative based on your location. Since we are a virtual law firm, you can hire expert Tax Controversy, Tax Bankruptcy and Criminal Tax Defense attorneys no matter where you reside.
Virtual nature of our practice: by reducing excess high rent office space and eliminating wasteful commute time (and traffic) to and from the office, combined with enhanced technology, customized internal workflow software and proprietary analytical and time management processes, we are able to significantly reduce client fees and costs.
We realize that your case can be the most important and stressful event in your life and that you are placing your faith and trust in our firm. Although we can assure you that we are on top of your matter, we recognize that by providing you with immediate access to your case at any time, and sending you regular case updates through our Client Portal, you will quickly discover that we not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Enrique Aguado
3 reviews
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2 months ago

Working with Tax Workout Group was a great experience. They were very responsive and kept me informed throughout the entire process. The attention to detail and knowledge of taxes bankruptcy law was impressive, and I felt confident during all process. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone in need of a lawyer.

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Gary Jurman
6 reviews
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3 weeks ago

Excellent job! These guys really helped me deal with the FL Dept of Revenue who was killing me with their inflated fees on top of fees and their mafia-style threats. Got the bill down to half and I still have my kneecaps.

Enrique img
Ramona Colbert
3 reviews
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a months ago

As a small business owner finding a good tax attorney in today's world can be incredibly challenging, especially when the referrals from your friends don't pan out, or you pay an Attorney's fees, and don't receive the quality of work expected. There is nothing more devastating to a business. Therefore, I was on a quest, on the tiniest thread of hope, remembering someone from my past, who had helped my X- husband, and I remembered how extraordinary this attorney was. At that time, I wasn't a business owner, but a stay at home mom. Fast forward many years to the present, divorced and a business owner, I reached into my past out of desperation, searching for that caliber of support that I had witnessed back then. And how lucky for me that my thread of desperation led me to Matthew Sherman, a real super hero, who will rise to the challenge every time because he enjoys it! He not only did what he said he was going to do, and in a timely fashion, but the support and legal advice he and his team provided was par excellence! As a business owner you recognize superior work when you see it, and certainly when you receive it! Matthew and his legal firm saved me a ton of money! As a small business owner that means the world to me, because I can now fight the big fights and not lose my shirt. It's like finding the holy grail! I have been looking for a brilliant attorney to have my back and I've finally found one! It is crucial to the growth and sustainability of any business, especially in this post COVID era, with all the changes we are experiencing. I am beyond grateful to Matt Sherman and staff at the Tax Workout Group. Thank you for making a difference in my business and my life for that matter. I sleep well at night. :-D

We are the only bankruptcy firm focused on resolving tax claims using the bankruptcy process. Our clients hire us to ensure that they eliminate or otherwise reduce their tax claim(s) to the greatest extent possible. There are many bankruptcy lawyers, but we are the only bankruptcy law firm headed by tax lawyers. We do what matters most - focus on eliminating tax debt in bankruptcy - plain and simple! While most other bankruptcy law firms focus on bankruptcy and deal with the tax claims as an after-thought, we don't. We deal with the IRS and state taxing agencies in every one of our tax bankruptcy cases.

A “tax-motivated” bankruptcy filing is one which includes tax debt along with related interest and penalties. The tax debt can be any type of tax - income, sales, payroll, employment, or excise taxes. Our tax bankruptcy attorneys analyze every tax claim and examine its attributes to strategically eliminate or reduce the tax debt along with all other debt. A tax-motivated bankruptcy case is an effective weapon not only for eliminating IRS tax debt, but it can likewise discharge or eliminate state tax debt, medical bills, credit card bills and most other debt.

Our tax-bankruptcy attorneys are experts in IRS practice and procedure and the interrelationship between federal and state tax laws and the US Bankruptcy Code.

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Benefits of Tax Workout Group

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Each new client is assigned a “Client Success Manager” as part of their team, to onboard them, and thereafter, to mentor and guide them throughout the handing of their case - from start to finish. We do all this in a “virtual” environment offering our client a positive remote experience by effectively reducing the need for face-to-face meetings, handwritten signatures and the shuffling of paperwork, files and documents. By combining various technological advancements, we can ensure that all professional staff assignments and client information/document requests are completed in a timely, efficient and effective manner.

In addition, we provide our clients with the ability to log into our client portal platform with 24/7 access to everything on demand and centrally located through two separate client access tools – Client Mobile Device Communicator and Client Connect Desktop Portal.

We make it easy to get expert tax representation no matter where you're located!

When Can Income Taxes Be Reduced or Eliminated?

In the case of income taxes, once the tax claim was incurred (based on the later of the due date or the extended due date of the tax return) more than three (3) years before the bankruptcy filing date and assessed more than 240 days beforehand, there is a strong likelihood that the tax is dischargeable in either a Chapter 7, 13 or 11 bankruptcy filing. However, this assumes that you filed a tax return (before the IRS has filed one for you) and if you filed late, more than two (2) years has passed since it was filed. In addition, these time periods may be impacted by a variety of events such as a prior bankruptcy, Offer-In-Compromise, an IRS CDP hearing (and related appeal), amended returns filings, audit adjustments and a few other events.

Note that even where a tax claim may not be fully dischargeable in Chapter 7, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding may allow you to eliminate the tax claim, or at the very least, satisfy it without the payment of penalties and interest.

In most cases, the type of tax involved is “income” taxes, but when a business is involved, there may be payroll, employment, sales, property, and excise taxes as well, all with a different set of rules that relate to the timing of events and transactions.

Our Tax Dischargeability Analysis is the cornerstone of each bankruptcy filing and essential for the proper treatment of the tax claims to file the best type of bankruptcy at the most advantageous time. In each case, our Tax Dischargeability Analysts perform a comprehensive Tax Dischargeability Analysis where we review and analyze each tax claim and all events related to that tax claim. This allows us to achieve the best possible result by filing the most appropriate type of bankruptcy at the optimal time to eliminate all tax claims, penalties, and interest, along with all other dischargeable debt.

We Will Present You With ALL Your Options.

There are many tax firms that claim they offer the best solution for resolving your tax debt but then effectively limit your options because they do not possess the resources to offer you the correct solution.  Hire us and see the difference experience makes - we are a tax law firm comprised of aggressive attorneys dedicated to delivering client satisfaction through innovative and strategic results.

The Government is the easiest to borrow from – you don’t even have to complete a loan application. However, later down the road, they can quickly become your most aggressive creditor. Let us help you defend yourself and your business.

Tax Workout Group can assist with other types of tax matters, including:


Civil Tax Disputes


Tax Collection Defense


Unfiled Tax Returns


Criminal Tax Defense


Tax Consulting


Tax Reporting

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Don’t risk your reputation and financial well-being. We welcome your questions and want to understand your situation to help you move forward and get the correct legal tax representation. Since time is often critical to ensure the best result, contact us for a Free Tax Case Evaluation at (866) 282-9333. We will answer your questions and quickly advise you regarding the best possible way to resolve your tax claims. You may also simply fill out the form on this page and we will reach out to you to schedule the Tax Case Evaluation. We generally reply immediately or within a few hours on the same business day.

We help families and their businesses Nationally with their IRS and state government tax problems. All information is confidential.

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