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If you are facing criminal tax charges, you need a clear way forward — and this necessitates representation from legal minds deeply familiar with both federal court and the complicated income tax laws, rules of the Internal Revenue Code, and the related Treasury Regulations. At Tax Workout Group, we represent our criminal tax defense clients with one goal in mind — minimizing negative effects from your criminal tax charges. Our criminal tax defense lawyers leverage their extensive knowledge of tax laws and experience in criminal tax case jury trials to defend our clients’ futures. CPAs and attorneys seek out our firm when their clients face criminal tax exposure, and we are prepared to handle your criminal tax defense case.

Criminal Tax Defense Services in Boca Raton, FL

We focus on what matters — protecting your freedom and your interests in the face of high-stakes white collar criminal tax charges. When the government has seemingly endless resources available on the prosecution side, you need to strengthen your odds in your criminal tax case with the help of a former government prosecutor. Our stacked defense team is led by a former DOJ Tax Division Trial Attorney who is also experienced as both an Assistant United States attorney prosecuting criminal cases nationwide and as the lead Asset Forfeiture attorney from the office of the United States Attorney in Orlando.

Additionally, each of our criminal tax attorneys has earned an LLM in taxation and/or is a CPA. The extensive experience of our highly-credentialed team has led to many great successes throughout all stages of the criminal tax process — including representation of clients in administrative investigations conducted by the IRS Criminal Investigation Division, a joint IRS-DOJ grand jury investigation, and an indictment/prosecution by the U.S. Attorney's Office — to name a few examples.

Our Criminal Tax Defense Group provides the following legal services:

  • Administrative and Grand Jury Investigations
  • Tax Related Offenses under the Internal Revenue Code
  • Tax-Bankruptcy Related Offenses under the Criminal Code
  • Cash Transaction Reporting Requirement Offenses
  • Tax Related Offenses under the Criminal Code

Tailored White-Collar Criminal Tax Defense Strategies Built Upon the Assessment of Nuances Between Legal Tax Avoidance and Criminal Tax Evasion

Our firm's criminal tax defense group handles civil and criminal tax matters, tax controversy matters, and asset forfeiture matters. These issues often occur together, and the complex regulations do not always clearly differentiate between tax avoidance and tax evasion. Further, the Federal government's statutory framework of civil penalties is built to deter and punish noncompliance with significant consequences. Our criminal tax defense attorneys are skilled at demonstrating that our clients have not run afoul of the law in these complicated matters.

Criminal and civil sanctions for tax fraud are not mutually exclusive; one can trigger the other — and they often do pursue the civil tax fraud penalty following a felony tax conviction. The tax attorneys at Tax Workout Group are ready to defend you with strong representation under the Criminal Code and the Internal Revenue Code for both the criminal and civil tax fraud phases if you find yourself under these unfortunate circumstances.

Reach out to us to schedule a free 15-minute tax case evaluation. We will evaluate your case, explore your various options, address your inquiries, and develop a tailored legal strategy appropriate for your criminal tax situation. We are prepared to help you seek a real fresh start that is free from criminal tax charges and other tax issues.

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