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If you face significant tax debt, you need a clear way forward. At Tax Workout Group, we craft innovative and tailored solutions with one goal in mind – the resolution of tax claims in bankruptcy. Our Tax Bankruptcy Group focuses on representing clients in “tax-motivated” bankruptcy filings. A “tax-motivated” bankruptcy filing is one where ​a principal claim in the case includes a substantial tax debt, related interest, and penalties. The tax debt can be any type of tax — income, sales, payroll, employment, or excise taxes. Our Tax Bankruptcy attorneys analyze every tax claim and examine its attributes to strategically eliminate or reduce them along with all other debt.

Tax Bankruptcy Services in Boca Raton, FL

We focus on what matters — eliminating tax debt in bankruptcy. When removing tax claims in bankruptcy, there are complex statutory hurdles and judicial rules to navigate. We live and breathe tax-bankruptcy law and strategically plan each bankruptcy case to effectively resolve the tax debt. While most other bankruptcy law firms focus on bankruptcy and deal with the tax claims as an afterthought, we don’t.

Our Tax Bankruptcy Group provides the following legal services:

  • Tax Dischargeability Analysis and Reporting
  • Tax-Motivated Bankruptcy Filings
  • Discharge of Tax Claim Counseling
  • Pre-Bankruptcy Legal and Tax Representation
  • Bankruptcy Court Tax Claim Litigation
  • Attacking and Stripping Tax Liens in Bankruptcy
  • Business Bankruptcy – Subchapter 5 Representation
  • Removal of Tax Liens Post-Bankruptcy
  • Post-Bankruptcy Credit Rehabilitation Counseling

Comprehensive Tax Dischargeability Analysis

Our Tax Dischargeability Analysis is the cornerstone of each bankruptcy case filing and is essential to file the best type of bankruptcy at the most advantageous time to eliminate all tax claims, penalties, and interest — along with all other dischargeable debt. Our tax-bankruptcy attorneys are experts in IRS practice and procedure, the interrelationship between federal and state tax laws, and the US Bankruptcy Code. In each case, our Tax Dischargeability Analysts perform a comprehensive Tax Dischargeability Analysis where we review and analyze each tax claim and all events related to that tax claim.

Let us help you receive a real fresh start, one free from the claims of all your creditors – including the taxing agencies. Let us outline a strategy appropriate for your situation. Contact us to schedule a free 15-minute tax case evaluation.

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Boca Raton is a delightful town in Palm Beach County, Florida, with a population of around 95,000. Renowned as one of the state's finest places to live, it offers residents an urban atmosphere where a majority are homeowners. The area boasts numerous dining options, coffee shops, recreational areas, and many parks. Boca Raton appeals to young professionals, retirees, and families, and its public schools have earned high ratings. At Tax Workout Group, we proudly serve the Boca Raton community, addressing their needs for Tax Bankruptcy.

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